Texas Centennial Club

The Texas Centennial Club is an organization dedicated to the hobby of collecting Centennial souvenirs and memorabilia. The mission of the Club is to bring Centennial collectors together in a forum that allows for the exchange of information and camaraderie with the ultimate goal being to further the enjoyment of the hobby for present and future generations.

Membership in the Centennial Club includes the following:

  • A quarterly newsletter
  • Discounts on all Club merchandise, including books and vintage Centennial collectibles

And most importantly, members receive password access to the Centennial Club area on texascentennial.com. In this area, members will find the following:

  • Information on Centennial Fakes and Frauds (yes, there are crooks out there). When available, illustrations of the fakes are provided.
  • Information on current eBay listings which include the item number, suggested value and more. Suspected fakes and frauds will be highlighted in red.
  • Price history on Centennial items purchased on eBay. These prices date back to 1999 and are updated periodically.
  • An illustrated list of Texas Centennial logos.
  • A list of exhibitors at the central exposition in Dallas.
  • A list of state wide Centennial observances.
  • A day-by-day list of events at the central Exposition.
  • An alphabetical list of events at the central Exposition.
  • A list of officially authorized Centennial postal covers

And that's just the beginning. Other features are being developed and will be added as soon as possible.

Membership in the Texas Centennial Club is FREE. If you're a Centennial collector, we feel certain you'll want to be a member of The Texas Centennial Club for years to come.

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