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After some long delays due to a variety of reasons, Wallace O. Chariton is putting the final touches on his revised book on Texas Centennial collectibles. This volume will be entitled "Texas Centennial Collectibles." This much anticipated book will contain hundreds of items not found in his original work that was published in 1979. In addition to all the new items that were found, the heavily illustrated book also contains information on numerous items that are known to have been produced but which have never actually been seen. There is also lots of information on authentic Centennial souvenirs which are not marked. Let the searching begin!

In addition to the main book, Mr. Chariton is also planning two additional Centennial-related books.

The second book is a pocket version of the main work. This edition, which will serve as a check list and price guide, will be primarily text so as to keep it small and portable, perfect for slipping into pocket or purse when shopping for Centennial items at antique shows, flea markets, estate sales, etc. The work is entitled "Texas Centennial Collectibles Pocket Guide."

The third book will be a heavily illustrated history of Texas Centennial postcards. This work will be entitled simply "Texas Centennial Postcards."

When ready, these books will be produced in limited numbers and will only be available from the author or on this site.If you would like to be placed on the email list for information concerning publication dates and prices when available, please contact us.

P.S. Members of the Texas Centennial Club will be eligible for a discount on all books.

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