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Wallace Owen Chariton, a fifth generation Texan, began collecting Centennial souvenirs in the early 1970s after a visit to a Dallas gun show. At that show he purchased a small, hand-carved wooden longhorn head that was marked Texas Centennial 1836 - 1936. Not knowing what the Centennial was at the time, he showed the item to relatives and asked if anyone knew of the Centennial. All his kinfolk knew about the exposition and spoke of it fondly. Unfortunately, in 1936 those relatives where barely able to scrape together a living in depression-era rural West Texas and none could afford to actually visit the exposition. One relative did make it to Dallas but he didn't a quarter to spare so he couldn't actually visit the exposition.

Inspired by the stories, Mr. Chariton decided to learn more about the Centennial to see just exactly what his relatives had missed back in 1936. He began collecting more souvenirs and visiting libraries to study what information was available about the Centennial. From that simple beginning, a lifelong passion for the Texas Centennial blossomed. In 1979, Chariton published a book on Centennial collectibles. Now, almost twenty-five years later, Chariton's love for Centennial items is still going strong and, based on numerous requests from collectors, he is planning a greatly enhanced revision to his original book. Please see the Books page.

Mr. Chariton, Wally to his friends, has dedicated this site to the men and women who made the Centennial come alive so long ago and to the collectors of today who help keep the memories alive for future generations.

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